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The life of Chef Mills

My name is Stephen Miller, 25 years young, I  was born in Louisville, Kentucky. Raised in Columbus, Ohio from a very early age until now as you're reading this. Since the age of 8, the fascination of cooking and the interest of the craft has been ever going. To use fresh ingredients from the farmers market. The freshest seafood off the coast. Premium beef, Chicken and other animals. How to use these things and make them as enjoyable as possible for us to eat everyday. Since we eat everyday Ha. But on a serious note, to provide an impact on such a crucial part of our human lives is inspiring.
I attended Columbus Africentric early College. From Kindergarten to high school graduation. I also attended Columbus state community college for gaming and design my sophmore year high school (obviously didn't choose that). Then downtown high school for culinary arts junior and senior year.  I have 5+ years of Fine dining experience working at the German village Lindey's and "The Columbus Club". Throughout my culinary experience, Ive learned a multitude of cuisines, techniques and skills that has elevated me to the Chef I am today.
But I knew working for someone else was not the life I wanted to keep living. So in June 2020, I created and started  "To go for Your Soul". Providing gourmet carryout meals, private Chef services and catering. I wanted to cook completely my way and take a chance on myself. Food is a way to express myself and the passion driving me and I want to show the world that. But check out the site and I hope to feed your soul very soon

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